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  1. A Student ID Card is necessary to access the computer facility area. Please make sure entering the right room and taking the right seat.
  2. All equipment is only limited to be used in this area. They cannot be either carried out or borrowed outside this area.
  3. The storage space in this area is only for temporary use. The data will be erased after usage. C.C.C. is irresponsible for preserving the data.
  4. Users have to follow the listed regulations. Should any of the following is violated, the violator's right shall be ceased and the violator is subject to disciplinary actions.
    • National Tsing Hua University Campus Network User Regulations
    • National Tsing Hua University Abused Information Disposal Rules
    • Announced regulations and disposal by C.C.C.
    • Never infringe intellectual property rights. Unauthorized reproduction, modification, adaption, processing, lending, hiring, transmission or distribution of any data, software, sound files or graphical images is prohibited. Illegal software is not allowed to be installed or used.
    • Behaviors such as violating the law or damaging school's reputation shall be strictly prohibited.
    • Do not disassemble/damage equipment or change computers’ settings.
    • No smoking, no food or drink.
    • Remain quiet, behave yourself and respect other users.
    • Playing computer or online games is not allowed unless otherwise stated (e.g., agreed computer game competition).
    • Do not access/browse any illegal, offensive websites. Users are responsible for evaluating the integrity of material found on the Internet.
    • No littering.
    • Never use or borrow other's ID card for access.
    • Compromise of, or damage to networks, or security systems involving the use of the resources of C.C.C. is prohibited.
  5. Users are assumed to take responsibility for any possible damage to the facilities.
  6. C.C.C reserves the right to refuse admission to, or evict any person from computer facilities on a temporary or permanent basis.